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Evolution Natural Therapies


Welcome to Evolution Natural Therapies


Evolution Natural Therapies is a service based on a holistic model of health. The difference offered by Evolution Natural Therapies is that we have a strong focus on the Spiritual well-being of an individual.


Throughout the years of working with in a physical model of health using Naturopathy and Kinesiology we found the model had missing pieces to the puzzle.


It was not until the journey was started in Psychic development and Reiki was the picture of the more complete model health formed, and the realisation that healing only occurs when we observe the Law’s of Life and follow the natural flow of life force.


Many people start their healing journey from the point of view that it’s from the physical realm of existence that dis-ease is created, for those that are brave look at the psychological and emotional components of health. What people don’t realise is that the physical health is at the end of the train of health it is not the driving force.


The flow of life starts with the flow of life force, grace, or Qi, going through our energy systems such as meridians and chakras, before moving into our mind and emotions before finally landing in the physical body. Once we start to flow with our life force then that frees up the energy to help us heal. Psychic Development helps with building confidence with trusting the flow of life force and your destiny with life.


Take a look around the services we have to offer from Psychic/Mediumship readings to Naturopathic advice and consultations, Reiki, Kinesiology, Archetypal consultations based on Caroline Myss’s book Sacred Contracts, workshops and classes